Performance and Quality in Wheel, Brake, Landing Gear and Actuation Repair & Overhaul

Supporting Regional Airlines, Corporate & General Aviation since 1994, AeroRepair Corp offers our customers an affordable and high quality service experience.  Whether you need to improve your bottom line, while maintaining a high level of service for your customers, or you need your very own maintenance support operation – We’re it!  At AeroRepair Corp we focus on your needs and on your terms.  Consider AeroRepair Corp your in-house shop.

Aircraft Wheels & Brakes

Wheel and brake service and support on all regional, corporate and general aviation equipment manufactured by:  Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems (ABSC & Dunlop); Goodrich and Parker Hannifin (Cleveland).  World class service and support you can depend on, at the highest quality and most competitive price.

Landing Gear & Actuation


Landing gear support for regional airliners & corporate aircraft that is on-time and on-budget.  Spares, service and delivery that you demand and we provide.  Let us take the worry and a little of the sting out of your next undercarriage repair or overhaul.

Custom Machining


In-house machining support for aviation and non-aviation applications is available to you.  On-time service and support, at a competitive price.  Quality, innovation and consistancy on custom or batch orders that you can count on.