Company Overview

AeroRepair Corp is an FAA and EASA Certified Repair Station, with a self contained machine shop.  AeroRepair Corp specializes in the repair and overhaul of aircraft brakes, wheel assemblies, tire replacements, landing gears and other mechanical components.  AeroRepair is located in Londonderry, NH, next to the Manchester Airport (MHT).

What we expect of our employees

An AeroRepair team member should be able to contribute and help ensure AeroRepair is a highly profitable and successful, long-term business, while exhibiting the values we embrace to our customers, fellow employees, vendors, the industry, and our community.  Specifically:

Provide our customers with:
• Timely, quality workmanship at a fair price
• Business support as required by the customer
• Always striving to do more for the customer than they require

Provide our employees with:
• A positive and secure working situation
• Being an active participant in the health of the business
• Sharing in the success of the business

Provide our vendors with:
• A quality business for their products
• Business and technical support as required for their products
• Always striving to do more for the vendor than they require

Improve our industry by:
• Being a quality example for our industry
• Promoting aviation
• Supporting the industry’s growth and improvement

Improve our community by:
• Being an economic asset to the community
• Supporting community needs
• Actively participating in community activities

Our purpose and values can be accomplished if everyone at AeroRepair works together with the highest degree of:
• Integrity
• Respect
• Commitment
• Quality and
• Intelligence

Keeping a sense of humor won’t hurt either.
• Live long and prosper.
• May the force be with you.
• It ain’t over ’til it’s over.
• UPS by 4:00PM.
• Fed Ex by 8:30PM.
• Ship ’em, Danno!

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