History & Milestones

March of 1994, Al Sproul and Dave Webber, founded AeroRepair Corporation; a New Hampshire based S Corp, in a basement. The primary business was maintaining aircraft for lessor’s in transition and parts trading.
October of 1994, a FAA Repair Station Certificate is obtained; AeroRepair Corp principal business focus shifts to aircraft component repair & overhaul.
1995, the business focus of AeroRepair shifts to aircraft wheel & brake repair & overhaul. The company moves into a new facility.
1996, Financing obtained; focus and foundation of the start-up business is solidified.
1996, John Prendergast joins the company. The now three owners grow the customer base and sales quadruple.
1997, AeroRepair Corp stabilizes financial requirements, secures and moves to a new facility. Sales increase.
1998, a major growth year; business is now supporting the Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems product, while earning a reputation for quality work at reasonable prices and quick turn around times.
1999, primary business shifts to airlines, while continuing to support manufacturers, distributors and corporate operators.
2001, record business year, even in the face of 9-11.  Acquired Morin’s Maintenance Machining Inc., to control machine repair process. Also, add B1900 brake exchange pool to support contract customers and the market.
2002, sales double over 2001 in spite of a depressed airline industry and overall weak economy.  Expand capability to include landing gear and add B1900 landing gear exchange pool.  Expand employee base.
2003, sales increase by more than 20%; expand new aircraft types; certified by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).
2004-2005, business systems updated and refined. Business levels off as AeroRepair overcomes US Air bankruptcy; add SF340 brakes to our exchange pool.
August of 2004, formed a new sister company Hemico Corporation, a New Hampshire S Corp, located in IL with a fourth partner.  Hemico was formed to become a PMA parts manufacturer and distributor.
2006, business grows, primarily due to wheel repair & overhaul volume.
2007, AeroRepair Corp acquires and moves into it current location at 14 Tinker Ave, Londonderry, NH, which combined the Machining and Repair & Overhaul facilities.
2008, add DHC 8 brake assemblies to exchange pool. Develop DER repairs in conjunction with the machine shop for landing gear, wheels and brakes.
2009, receive FAA approvals to mergef Morin’s machine shop into AeroRepair Corp’s FAA/EASA repair station; business grows and product mix changes as brake business expands.
July 2010, fourth partner of Hemico bought out and operations moved to Londonderry, NH facility; PMA’s expanded and Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative (DMIR) in place.
2011, business grows. Received a Meggitt “Certified Quality Award”.
2012, The Weinberg & Bell Group, Cleveland, OH, acquires AeroRepair Corp and sister company Hemico Incorporated; capabilities and business expand; new Vice President of Sales and Marketing named.